Grade 5



A Home
A home is something very important to me when i see someone without a home it makes me very sad. A home is a shelter, a home is light and a home is family. When I’m at home I feel safe and free.

A home is where you play. I love to play with my siblings at home. A home is a safe place to be. A home is a place to be with friends and family. A home is a roof over your head. A home is somewhere to be healthy and have lots to eat. A home is somewhere to have a diner.

A home is somewhere to have a family get together. A home is to be loved and to love others. A home is a cozy place to stay and have a goodnight sleep. A home means family and family means food, love and care.

A home to me is somewhere I feel safe and comfortable. A home means warmth not just temperature but in your heart. A home is somewhere relax and not have to worry. A home is a place to let your worries go and feel happy.

A home is somewhere to have a good or fun time in. Some people don’t have a home so that means some people don’t get to have all those things I just named and that is not fair to those people. When I think of a home it gives me such a soft and safe feeling inside which gives me a smile on the outside.

A home makes you think better, makes you feel better and makes you have a better life. A home is somewhere to raise a child. A home is somewhere to have a healthy life. A home is somewhere to stay healthy so that you don’t have to put all that money into buying medicine especiallly if you have no money.

As I talked about a home is a shelter. A home is an important place to have. A home is light, a home is friends. A home is a meal and not just a meal a healthy meal for a whole family. A home is somewhere to sleep and stay warm. A home is family and friends and a home is a warm soft feeling.