Grade 6

Grand-bay Westfeild
New Brunswick

A Home

A Home
What does home mean? Do you have one? Many people think that a house and a home are the same thing. But they are not and here’s why.
A home is a special thing. I think that in a home, you should feel safe, loved and supported. It is where your family or friends make you happy! At home, you are always welcome even when you make mistakes. It does not have to be your house but, somewhere you feel at home.
Does a home have to be a big fancy mansion with lots of gems and jewels? Certainly not! A small shack made of sticks and mud could be a home. In fact, most big fancy mansions are not homes. I am not telling you their all not, but there is a greater chance because, in big houses most families seem to isolate themselves more because, there is more space and the family is not cramped together.
A home is where you feel that warm, wonderful feeling where you think nothing bad can ever happen. Habitat for Humanity provides houses for people who cannot afford them but, the lucky family who receives it makes it a home.