Grade 6

Newfoundland and Labrador

A Heart Is A Home


Home is merely another word, isn’t it? I’m not so sure. At the least, “Home” is a tricky word. “why?” You may ask. Well, there are a few different perspectives on that word.
You may also say, “A home’s just a building.” And that is where you may be wrong.
A home is much more then just a building. What it is not, is a house. A house is different, it is a building, whereas a home is a completely different thing.
You’re house is most likely to be made of many different kinds of materials, but a home is only made of two, love and happiness.
A house is not yet a home until you have grown in it, until you have been completely yourself, until you have loved in it, and most importantly, until you have become a family int.
Although that may be one way to put it, there are more. For another, a home is more then just a value. “Home is where the heart is.” Why is that quote so popular? It’s because it is true, and the meaning is so powerful. In an all, it means that no matter where you are or who you are with, no matter how miserable you may be, as long as you have love in your soul and heart, you are home.
No matter how rich, how poor. No matter how happy, or how miserable. No matter how great of a house, or no house at all, as long as you have somebody you love with you, and you are truly happy with them, you are in the best home there can be.
Because a heart, most defiantly is, a home.
And That Is What Home Means To Me.