Grade 5

Richmond Hill

A Good Home

A Good Home

One of our favorite places to be is home.
There, you will not always feel alone.
Home is where you were meant to be,
It has always been our destiny.
Our homes are where we belong,
They will make us all become strong.

Even a rusty home is a good start,
If you love it with your own heart.
Even if the home is filled with mice,
All attracted to some spilled rice.
You might even have dim lights,
But your heart will always know what’s right.

A home has to feel safe.
Not full of violence and hate.
There will always be someone there,
In case of any hate or fear.
Your home should be nice and cozy,
It should also be warm and toasty.

A home should be filled with happiness,
There is just no room for sadness.
Love is also what you need,
That is so madness can be freed.
All flowers should be treated well,
Even if something wants to wriggle or flail.
Without a home you would be homeless,
Which is why homes are full of awesomeness!