Felix Du

Grade 5


What is the true meaning of home?

What really is the true meaning of home? Is home a place to get tortured or is it a place to jump all over the place? To me, home is a life. Home is the essential need for human beings in our planet. I have a home and maybe you also have a home, but what about others? Do you take time to think about the people that don’t have a home? People that don’t have homes don’t have the life they want and they want to have a home. Even though I have the essential need I want, I still take time to think about the people that don’t have homes. I keep thinking how I could make a difference and change the world. What you’re doing at home if it’s bad or good still affects the world some way. The homeless are always trying to get a home. Home is also precious to me. Don’t get me wrong. To me, the most precious thing to me is home. No matter whatever my parents buy, or whatever they’re going to buy, home is still the most precious. If you don’t have a home, can you eat, sleep or even have a good life? Have you seen a homeless person on the street at least once, and they aren’t there the next day? Don’t just stare at the person. Give them some help and some money so they can feel like they’re part of us. Take a moment to think about what you’ve done the past few years and what your actions could’ve done to the world. So, what is home? What does home mean to you?