Grade 4

Nova Scotia

Home is where my heart is; like being with my family. Where is your heart ? For me home is not my house but anywhere I am with my family. Home can be fun, yummy, and happy. When I am with my family I feel comfortable and safe just like a baby kangaroo in its mother’s pouch.

For instance I feel like I’m at home when we go to the camp. Going back to the camp is always a fun time with family. We always stop halfway during the drive to get on the four wheelers I get to go with Gampi on his four wheeler, while Anneke goes on the dirt bike. Oh no not again, Gampi is going through a big puddle and I am going to get soaked! But it is ok, I love to be wet!

Home is being happy like playing ‘Kitty Cat Kick the Can’. I wanted to play before it got dark. All the kids and my mom play. She is really good and I am so happy. But I have to be quiet because she might tag me.It does not matter were I am, I love playing ‘Kitty Cat Kick the Can.’

Home is yummy like dessert At the camp there is blueberry pie. It was scrumptious and I made a pumpkin pie. But I do not like pumpkin pie, so I had cheese cake instead. It was yummy. Suddenly it was dark and I ate all of the marshmallows at the camp fire. Shortly after the camp fire everybody left I was going to sleeping at the camp.

I love being with my family and doing stuff that makes our family closer, being close with my family makes my home.