Grade 5


Home is Not Built in a Day 

“Home is not built in a day.”
My home is big, but love makes it vast. I love my home because who I share it with. And those people are…. My Mom, Dad, Sister and even my dog…. I love my Dad because he builds stuff for me and also makes couch forts with me. I love my Mom because she puts three meals on the table a day. I love my dog because he snuggles with me. And I love my sister because she teaches me volleyball and basketball. And when I walk downtown on boxing day I see people that do not have a home, I give them 1 or 2 dollars. One time I went to Mexico and brought little toys to give the families that were homeless and had kids. This made me extremely happy to have a home. When I am at home I can be the real me… and I won’t get judged for it… I want to help the homeless. So I will…starting by writing this essay for Habitat for Humanity!

Home is in fact not built in a day…